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Whether you are in need of carpet cleaning for your home or a commercial space, you are going to find that hiring a professional is going to come along with a lot of benefits. After all, our experts have both the skills to get the job done and the professional grade equipment that is necessary to help you get a quality clean each time. Even if you try to take on some of the carpet cleanings on your own, there is a level of clean that you get with the professionals that will be unmatched.
Light Surface Cleaning
There are some methods that can be done to get your carpets clean, such as wet shampooing, dry cleaning, dry foam and more. Bonnet treatments are done when an attachment is dipped in a carbonated water cleaning solution. While the machine makes its way over the carpet surface, the bonnet attachment works to absorb the dirt. After it is saturated entirely, the bonnet is replaced with a clean one. Absorbent powders may also be used where they get sprinkled onto the carpet and left to settle for a period of time. Then, the powder is worked into the carpet using the buffer machine. Once buffed, the residue is then vacuumed up and the dirt is taken away with it.
Deep Carpet Cleaning
This is a method of getting down deep into the fibers of your carpet by way of hot water extraction. Often called steam cleaning, a floor wand is used to apply a pressurized mixture of cleaning solution and water into the carpet. This mixture is then immediately taken up by way of a powerful suction tool and the dirty water is contained in a holding tank. Professional carpet cleaning companies will usually come to your location with a large truck that they use to power the deep cleaning and extraction process.
Upholstery Cleaning
Depending on your needs, the right cleaning company will also offer a variety of other services that may include the cleaning of your upholstery or draperies. Using specialized tools and cleaning solution, they will be able to get out any stains or freshen up these items within your home or your office.
Stain Protection
Most cleaning companies will offer a stain protection guard the is automatically applied to your carpets after the cleaning process is complete. If it is not included, you may be able to add this service on for a minimal charge. This is an excellent way to help you make sure that your carpets are going to have a level of resistance to certain stains. This is a great option if you have young children in your home that are prone to spills or if you have an office setting with a high traffic area.

No matter what, you are always going to find that there are plenty of advantages that come from hiring a professional carpet cleaner like us. All you have to do is ask and you will see that there are a number of additional services that you can enjoy at your location.