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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company

When it comes to the health of your home or business place, clean carpets are essential. To get a thoroughly clean carpet, you will need to hire a carpet cleaning company in order to get the job done. So, we will be covering the 4 essential questions that you should ask before hiring a carpet cleaning company.
The first question that you should ask is, how many years has your company been in business? This is an important question to ask because there are hundreds and thousands of fly by night companies that enter the carpet cleaning business. The last thing that you need is a company that doesn’t know what they’re doing who will do a poor job or damage your carpets. So, in order to avoid this, be sure to ask about the company’s history and how long they’ve been in the industry.
The second question that you should ask is, what is your carpet cleaning process and what type of machines do you use? This is an important issue because you need to ensure that they are using heavy duty or industrial carpet cleaning machines since this is what you are paying for. Just about anyone can buy and use a home carpet cleaner, so when you hire a carpet cleaning company, they should be using heavy duty industrial cleaners which are more effective and provide a deeper level of cleaning.
Thirdly, you should ask about their rates. Since the carpet cleaning industry is not very difficult to break into, you will probably find that different companies have different rates. Some will be quite cheap while others are much more expensive. Almost all reputable and well-known companies are more expensive. However, you can rest assured that their services are the best available. Alternatively, there are other good cleaning agencies that are up and coming which may have cheaper rates, but you will need to do your research to ensure that their cleaning is up to par.

Lastly, you should always ask for references and past customers. This is important because you should be able to speak to past customers to ask about their experiences with the company and what they think about their cleaning services. Of course, you should not only rely on the references provided by the agency but also do your research.
One easy way is to search online for reviews of the company. There are hundreds of company review sites online where you can view reviews from real customers. This will help you to get a better and more truthful insight into the company and whether they provide value for money.
In closing, we have just looked at the 4 most important questions that you should ask before hiring a carpet cleaning company. It will take some time and a lot of research, but if you do your due diligence, you will find a great company that is affordable and will do a fantastic job on your carpets.

Mold Remediation Teams Provide Professional Cleanup Services

A clean home or apartment or other dwelling should always be the goal, not just for image but also for health reasons. Your immune system can be negatively affected by not only dirt but also mold. The worst thing about mold is that you don’t always even know it’s there. If your immune system is affected by a dirty home, then that means you and your family can get sick often until the mold and filth is eliminated.

Not keeping your home clean in general facilitates the growth of mold in many different ways, and this also goes for many different types of mold. People often don’t worry about mold issues until they have seen the mold with their own eyes. Unfortunately, by this time, that means that the mold has become quite an issue. They then sometimes try and clean the mold ups themselves, but usually they aren’t able to get to the root of the problem and actually eliminate the mold completely.

What does this mean? It means that the mold is just going to keep coming back, and it’s going to come back stronger. So what would actually need to be done is to hire a mold remediation service like Mold Remediation Portland in your area for cleanup purposes. They will not only look for and eradicate all molds, but they will also help you protect your home against future mold growth. They are the experts about everything mold and more. They can tell you if anything is being done wrong or can be improved, and they can cleanup after a devastating flood or other disaster.

There are plenty of mold remediation cleanup companies out there, so you should definitely be able to find one close to you. Mold issues often arise in areas that come into contact with more water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Remember how you were told that not all mold is visible? It is different colors and sizes, and it can even be within walls and other structures and hidden in crevices. Mold can take root in your flooring after a flood as well.

You already know one reason mold cleanup should be left to the professionals, and that is because it’s not always in sight. However, another reason is that you simply don’t have the same tools and equipment that the professionals have to do the job. What can you do on your own end? After the mold remediation crew has cleaned your home, the best thing you can do is to keep your home as clean as possible. In bathrooms and kitchens, you should habitually use bleach as a cleaning agent, not every day but often to ensure that mold and other germs and dirt do not grow.

You can also use a dehumidifier to help take the moisture out of the air to prevent mold growth. Whether you currently have a mold problem, or you just have questions and concerns, give a mold remediation team a call to see how they can help you.

Extend Your Carpet Life With These Carpet Cleaning Tips

Vacuuming cannot keep your carpets perfectly clean, but it can prevent dirt particles getting embedded deep into the fibers of the carpet. Vacuuming your carpets every day will keep them in good shape. Most people have no time to vacuum the carpets on a daily basis. Vacuum your carpets at least twice a week if you cannot do it on a daily basis. Vacuum the high traffic areas of your carpet several times quite slowly. Make sure to get all the dust and dirt out of these places.

Vacuuming your carpet without shampoo is not effective. Shampoo the carpet to maintain its cleanliness. There are two ways to shampoo a carpet. One method is to spray a shampoo solution to the carpet, let it be absorbed deep down into the carpet, let the carpet dry for a couple of hours, and then vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The other method is to use a liquid-based cleaning agent and a steam cleaning machine. The steam cleaning machine pulls out dirt and dust particles from the surface of the carpet. Both these methods are highly effective. You can choose the method that you prefer the most.

Preventing a carpet from getting dirty is not easy. That is why, you need to learn the latest carpet cleaning tips to clean up those hard to remove stains. Act immediately when a stain occurs on your carpet. Liquid spills are the worst to clean. If the liquid is allowed to stay on the carpet for a long time, it will definitely set in making it difficult to remove.

Blot the area as soon as you have a liquid spill on the carpet. Don’t rub the area since rubbing can weaken the carpet fibers. It will eventually create a worn spot on the carpet. Blot the stain with Club Soda for best results in getting rid of it. Use corn starch or baking soda to remove oil spots. Vinegar is great to remove coffee and chocolate stains. These tips help remove some of the most stubborn stains out there.

Maintaining a carpet on a regular basis is important to extend its durability in the long run. Make your home a “shoe free home” to maintain your carpet well. Let your family and friends remove their shoes before they enter your home. Shoes are the worst enemy of carpets. They ruin your carpets in no uncertain terms.

But, did you know that bare feet can also ruin your carpets? Yes, it is true. Bare feet can ruin your carpets due to the oils in the skin. This is why, it is important to advise your family and relations to wear socks or slippers around the house. This will help protect your carpet and extend its lifespan. These carpet cleaning tips are great to keep your carpets clean at all times.

Mold Remediation Should Be Handled By Professionals

The health dangers and damage to property caused by water incursions of all kinds or excess humidity or condensation are typically characterized as fungal infestation. When this unsightly and unhealthy problem occurs, it can be advisable to research techniques or specialist companies dedicated to Mold Remediation. It is important to realize that many varieties of this problem exist, and that there are only a few rare occasions when extremely hazardous growths will develop in your home or workplace; for all minor incidents the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that the occupants themselves can treat the problem safely and effectively without calling in expensive experts.

DIY removal should involve more than the use of chlorine bleach. A typical bleach might kill the cultures, but will not eradicate the mycotoxins which some molds produce. The Center for Disease Control states that molds themselves are not poisonous and that it is rare for toxigenic molds to cause memory loss or pulmonary hemorrhaging. Other health problems such as coughing and shortness of breath can be caused by indoor exposure to the material and is more dangerous to those suffering from respiratory tract disorders or asthma.

Widespread incursions in business premises and public buildings can demand the attentions of a remediation company, not least to avoid the danger of litigation. Proper assessment of the growth development, sampling and analysis should conform to relevant national guidelines outlined by agencies such as the EPA, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) or AIHA (American Industrial Health Association). The AIHA sets out recommended chain of custody procedures and lists accredited test laboratories.

Three kinds of sampling are suggested as necessary by the AIHA: air samples, surface samples and bulk samples. If all three are not carried out, some molds may go undetected. A further, third party air sample tested after remediation procedures have been carried out ensures that the cure has been successful.

Simple steps can help to alleviate most of these problems. Exposure to sunlight and proper ventilation can remedy minor damp issues. Household cleansers and dehumidifiers can also help tackle small outbreaks.

Correct ventilation backed up by the use of air scrubbers or other air filtration devices will stop the dispersal of spores that have been released into the air. The next stage of the clear-up process involves cleaning, disinfecting and disposing of all infected materials. When this has been taken care of, fungicides, moldicides and biocides should be applied. Now is the time to address the humidity and moisture issues that caused the outbreak and to apply an encapsulant to prevent re-occurrence.

Leaking roofs, problems with indoor plumbing and flooding are common causes for it to start growing. Condensation can also be a factor. Moisture vapour can penetrate most common building materials and then condense on surfaces that are cooler than the air. This process can be exacerbated by central heating and air conditioning.

The growth is a living entity and needs to feed. Carpets, pads, plywood and drywalls can supply the cellulose that it thrives on. Wallpaper is another ideal breeding ground for this particular problem. Molds can bring on allergic reactions and irritations when inhaled or touched. Symptoms include nasal congestion or runny noses; watery, red, irritated eyes; headaches; throat or skin irritations; breathing problems; coughing, wheezing or sneezing. The health effects of such exposure vary according to the sensitivity of the individual.

When deciding upon hiring a contractor to alleviate mold it is essential to ensure that they have the relevant experience and expertise. Professional service providers, like those at Restoration 1 of Portland who handle mold remediation and water damage restoration should be able to produce independent references asserting their compliance with regulations supplied by the ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists), the EPA or other relevant government or professional bodies. Specialists should also be consulted if you have valuable items or items with special sentimental value that need renovation because of an infestation on the premises. Always try to use an expert who is affiliated with credible professional institutions.

The aim of remediation processes is the safe removal and cleaning of contamination using methods that avert the possible emission of fungi into previously uncontaminated areas whilst securing the well- being of occupants and abatement workers. Health can be protected by the wearing of N-95 respirators that use detachable cartridges to catch airborne spores. The EPA also recommends that long gloves are worn to avoid contact between the skin of the hands and the moldy materials. When using strong chemical solutions, it is desirable to wear neoprene, PVC or rubber gloves. Goggles without holes for ventilation are also advocated attire to avoid spores getting into the eyes.

Preventative measures include regular and thorough cleaning of guttering, ensuring that foundations stay dry by sloping the ground down away from the building and keeping interior humidity under 60%. The drip pans and drain lines of air conditioning units should be kept clean, dry and free from obstructions.

Tumble dryers, gas or kerosene heaters and stoves all produce water vapor. All such appliances should have external vents fitted. Showers also add to indoor humidity; the use of a bathroom extractor fan can reduce their impact.

The key to any remediation process is rapid reaction. Whether tackling the problem alone or calling on the skills of a recognized expert, it is essential to act quickly, because the material will begin to grow within 24 to 28 hours of water penetration. Water-damaged areas should be dried out promptly to prevent the spread of spores.

There are many more problems currently than was the case 20 years ago. A lot of this is a result of government pressure on energy efficient constructions. Modern buildings are more airtight than older structures and this leads to problems of humidity and condensation because buildings cannot “breathe”.

Studies suggest that many remediation companies use health scares to overplay the problem of mold. Reputable firms will give more accurate information about potential health risks. A trustworthy business will have all samples independently tested rather than using its own assessments to generate superfluous work at the property owner’s expense.

Why Hire An Expert In Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can be very destructive and you could lose your entire house to such a catastrophe. Companies, as well as private homeowners can be devastated by such an occurrence. However, knowing that you have the right professional at your disposal just in case of anything can give you some peace of mind. This way, you can rest knowing that in case of an accident, you can have professional Fire Damage Restoration and get your property back in its previous condition.

The restoration process can be very involving and you possibly could not do it on your own. The initial damage can be shocking, but if the right process if followed, most, if not all of the property can be salvaged. Timing is critical if you wish to salvage most of your property. You should contact a professional fire, water, smoke, and mold damage company as soon as possible so that technicians can be sent to your premises immediately to mitigate damage.

The technicians will report to your premises with adequate equipment and resources. The professionals will carefully inspect the building, including adjoining rooms that were not directly affected. This will help determine the extent of damage resulting from soot, smoke, and the fire. Once this is done, they will then develop an action plan.

The Restoration Process

If cleaning is not performed immediately, soot may remain for too long and cause permanent damage. In case the initial cleaning is done by the building owner, then it is important that the right steps be followed. The person performing the procedure should wear protective clothing, particularly a dust mask and all the openings should be opened to allow for proper ventilation. The cleaning should start from the ceiling, moving to the walls, and finally to the floors. The upholstery and any items that can be laundered should be cleaned as per the directions on the fabric. If you have a pressure washer, you can use it to clean the outside. Most items should be cleaned by a professional like us.  Make sure you contact us for a free estimate.

The next step involves immediate roof tarp and board-up services. This may not be necessary depending on the extent of the damage. However, it is necessary to note that fires are normally destructive on roofs, walls, and windows. Well-trained professionals can place tarps on broken roofs and board up missing walls and windows.

During a fire break out, water damage may sometimes occur. If that is the case, then water removal process in necessary, as well. Most of the water should be removed to prevent further damage to property. The benefit of using a professional restoration expert at this stage is that they will use dehumidifiers as well as air movers to completely remove the remaining water and ensure the building is completely dry.

The next step should be the removal of soot and smoke. This should be performed thoroughly on all surfaces. Professionals will come with their specialized equipment and they will apply the right techniques to clean the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces of soot and smoke.

Cleaning and Sanitizing should then follow. During a fire, some items may be damaged beyond recovery, but some can still be reclaimed and used again. While the most important process is to ensure that the house it restored to its former glory, your mobile properties are important as well. Any damaged item should be examined and be cleaned using the right cleaning technique to restore it to its pre-fire condition. Professionals will come with their industrial fogging equipment and air scrubbers to ensure that there is no odors are left on your items.

The final stage is restoration. This will involve minor repairs on the building to ensure that it returns to its pre-fire condition. The repairs may range from installing new carpet to replacing drywall to painting, and even to major repairs such as the refurbishment of various rooms or areas that were adversely affected.

Dangers of Delayed Restoration

Immediate cleaning is necessary to avoid devastating effects. Many items, appliances and furniture will discolor, forming a yellow hue. It only takes a few hours for the acid resulting from smoke to start staining areas such as bathrooms and kitchen cabinets. After a few days, the walls will change color permanently and your belongings will begin to rust as a result of the acid.

The other challenge is that the more time it take you to initiate the clean up the more the cost becomes. As the stain becomes more permanent, you will need professionals to come with additional cleaning materials that will ensure the removal of the stains. Calling the experts in time, therefore, save you a lot of money.

Acid from smoke can permanently damage the furnishings and the building. Moreover, the soot will layer the entire building, making it uninhabitable. These are some of the reasons you should hire a professional that is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Such professionals will utilize fire restoration techniques with the aim of not only restoring your property to its pre-loss state, but also salvaging most of your items.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Professionals

It is important that you hire technicians who can show the seal of certification so that you can be assured that you are getting quality services. This is proof of expertise as well as reliability. Professionals are normally committed to removing smoky odors and residue with immediate effect and achieving satisfactory results.

If you want to salvage any salvageable items, get rid of persistent odors, eliminate odors at the source, and prevent recontamination, then you had better hire a professional. Many people think that they can handle the work on their own. However, they fail to realize the magnitude of the job. The good thing about a professional company is that they have highly trained technicians that will use the best materials such as deodorizing fog and odor counteractant.

If you are a homeowner or a business manager who is educated on the benefits of hiring professional for the restoration process, you will be able to minimize the repair cost. You will be able to swing into action immediately, stop the damage from spreading, and salvage most of your items. Certified professionals come with the advantage of having health and safety certifications, current training, insurance coverage and vast amounts of experience.

Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most people prefer cleaning their own carpets rather than hiring a professional crew doing the job. However, it is always better to hire the experts to attend to any carpet cleaning jobs. You might want to save some money on carpet cleaning. However, it’s a guarantee that sometimes it’s better to have the job done right rather than saving money on a poorly cleaned carpet. There are many reasons why you should always let the professional carpet cleaners do their job rather than doing it yourself.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Professional carpet cleaners always have the best carpet cleaning equipment to make sure that the job is done right. If you attempt to clean the carpet on your own without the right equipment, there is a big likelihood that the results will not be satisfactory. If you want to make sure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned, it’s important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job for you.

Carpet Types
Naturally, there are different types of carpets currently in the market. Each one of these carpets comes with a different cleaning process. There are many people who assume that every carpet is cleaned in a specific way, which is why they may refuse to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. As a result, the carpet are cleaned poorly which results in congestion in any room where the carpet is placed thereafter. Professional carpet cleaning companies first assess the type of carpet that needs cleaning and employ the specific cleaning procedure to guarantee that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Remember, if a carpet is not cleaned properly, there is a huge risk of people contracting asthma from any allergens still present in the room.

Special Cleaners
There are different types of cleaning agents or cleaners that you can buy from the local store to help you clean your carpet on your own. However, there is no guarantee that they are strong enough to get the job done perfectly. Before wasting any money on these cleaners, you need to ask yourself the reason why you need to clean your carpet in the first place. Clean carpet immediately improves the quality of air circulating in the room, which reduces allergens and other foreign substances. Clean carpets also reduce any health related issues that may arise from allergens in the carpets. So, why should you hire professional carpet cleaners? These companies have the right detergents for cleaning carpets of all types and sizes. Therefore, rather than cleaning the carpet on your own, why don’t you let the professionals do it with the right detergents and cleaning agents to guarantee the best results.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company may cost you a lot more than you had budgeted for. However, in the long run, it’s better to keep your home or office free from allergens, mold or any other foreign substances that might cause health issues for the occupants. Therefore, the costs of having professionals clean your carpet for you are completely absorbed by the clean air circulating in any room because of clean carpets.

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What Does a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company Do?

Carpet: Water ExtractionIf you want to know a how to pick a qualified water damage restoration company, then you need to familiarize yourself with what these companies do to remedy water damage. Water, like fire, can be an excellent servant but a dangerous monster. Figuratively, water can get in you hot water! The damage caused by water requires prompt response so as to mitigate the damages. It would be wise to hire a professional water damage restoration company when faced with a water mishap as some of the damages can be far reaching. Below are some of the things that a water damage restoration company does to remedy water damage:

Stop the Source

Immediately when a company arrives at your home, its first move should be to locate the source of the water and prevent more water from flowing in. It would be furtive for a water damage restoration company to start drying the water, and more water is still flowing in. If it a leaking pipe, you can try stop more water from flowing in before the restoration company arrives.


A professional water damage restoration company ensures that safety comes first. They will ensure they switch off the electricity from the main switch to avoid cases of electrocutions as they remedy the water disaster. You will notice that the team that will arrive at your house will come with protective gear. Water disaster at times present sewage mishaps hence safety preventive measure have to be taken to avoid any contamination. If the water damage touched on your sewage, it would be wise to hire a water damage restoration company that also specializes with sewage cleanup.


A qualified contractor will take utmost care of your property whilst handling the water damages. Their first priority would be getting all your electronics to a dry place. When it comes to your furniture, a seasoned contractor understands that different materials require different drying methods. While some furniture can readily be dry outside with the sunshine, there is other with materials that might break or bend when dried quickly in the sunshine.

Disinfecting and Clean

This should be the last state of the water damage restoration process. Proper disinfecting and cleaning will ensure that your house is free from bacteria that might have found there way your house. The cleaning can also minimize chances of mildew growth in your home.

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